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Brandwein on Super Staff SuperVision: The Quick Course on Outstanding Skills to Coach, Motivate, & Bring Out the Best in Staff

  • Friday, May 17, 2024
  • 10:00 AM - 4:15 PM
  • Online


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Get your directors, site directors, team leaders, supervisors, and other members of your Leadership Team—new or experienced—trained in one dynamic online seminar! (And it’s also invaluable for those who train the Team.)

Superb training of your Leadership Team is one of the best investments you ever make in camp success. This is the acclaimed, skill-packed, one-of-a-kind training that receives rave reviews and is presented by the award-winning, internationally famous author of the number one national best-selling book that’s considered the “must have” source on the subject, Super Staff SuperVision. 

Leadership Team members learn what to say and do every day to be one of the very best leaders at camp, including:

  • 6 Paths: the six essential things Leadership Team members must do every day when “walking around” and how to get them done brilliantly
  • Identify the exact behaviors we want to develop in our staff
  • Michael’s CDOS technique to coach staff to learn and use those behaviors
  • Special techniques to work with a new generation of staff (“Many staff seem different, more stressed, and don’t seem to come to this job knowing what we used to take for granted…”)
  • The key secret to motivating staff
  • Building professionalism and responsibility in staff (“It’s a real job!”)
  • Handling tough staff behavior with calmness and confidence, replacing it with great choices
  • More campers, more retention—increasing program creativity to stand out from the rest

Fast paced, interactive, and highly effective: A total of 5.75 hours taught in Michael’s trademark “use-it-immediately,” fun, and highly energetic teaching style.

Michael Brandwein is one of the most famous names in camp. He is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning staff and Leadership Team trainer who has presented in all 50 states, on 6 continents, and served on the national board of the American Camp Association. He is the number one bestselling author of staff training and leadership books in the camp field, including Training Terrific Staff (Vols. 1 & 2), Skill of the Day: What Great Leaders of Young People Do & Say, Learning Leadership (CIT/LIT), Super Staff SuperVision, and Growing Great Qualities in Kids: The L.A.S.E.R.B.E.A.M. Technique for Bringing Out the Best in Young People. ( He does both in-person and online training for camps.

Who Should Attend?

This program is ideal for anyone who leads staff themselves, or who trains members of the Leadership Team on how to supervise others. It will be great for both new and experienced people.

Why Attend?

How will your camp benefit from you attending this program?

This course was developed to meet the needs of camp directors and owners who were looking for a place to send Leadership Team members so that they will get and practice the skills necessary for supervision success. A lot of new Leadership Team members get promoted from front-line positions but may not have much if any experience in leading peers and others. Experienced Leadership Team members need fresh, advanced skills to keep them motivated and challenged in positive ways. To train all of these people, you require an excellent curriculum of the skills they’ll need and effective ways to teach them in an effective, motivating, and highly engaging way. This course provides that. 

How does your career benefit from you attending this program? 

If you’re a director, it gives you a way to support the most important people at camp. The Leadership Team is the engine that drives camp to success. If you’re a member of the Leadership Team, you’ll get specific, practical tools and techniques you can use every day to be one of the stars of your camp and bring out the best in everyone. And these methods will qualify you throughout your life as you develop positive working relationships as a leader and manager of others.

Location/Style of Event

This event is a live, virtual event and will utilize the Zoom Meeting platform. ACA Illinois will not record this event.

What to Bring/ How to Prepare

This is an interactive training course. Each person should be prepared to have their camera on, access to audio (including ability to speak and hear,) and interact within the Zoom room via a computer. Bring a notebook/paper and pen for activities. 

There will be a short break for lunch during the event.

The Fine Print

You must pay for this event at time of registration. If you would like to pay by invoice/check, please contact prior to registering. 

This is a per person fee event. This event requires camera, computer, and audio access for the participants as it’s designed to be interactive. Any user that has additional persons in attendance that are not registered will be automatically removed from the event without refund.

By registering and attending an ACA Illinois event or meeting, virtually or in-person you are agreeing to all the event policies listed here. These policies include the photo release, refund, link sharing, Code of Conduct, and other relative policies. 

How to Register 

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